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    Cluster members don't see each others

    mikebaroukh Newbie

      Hi all.

      I took a jboss 3.2.1 out of the box and run the 'all' version on 2 machines. My problem is that they don't see each other.

      I used javagroups test appli and saw that my machines are well configured for multicast (I can see messages typed on the sender to the receiver ...).

      Once a time, it works with v3.0.4. But now, i can't figure out why it doesn't work, with both 3.0.4 and 3.2.1.

      Has anybody any idea of what I'm missing ?

      Thanks a lot for any help !


      PS: extract from server.log ...

      12:32:39,808 INFO [ClusterPartition] Starting channel
      12:32:39,846 INFO [DefaultPartition] Number of cluster members: 1
      12:32:39,847 INFO [DefaultPartition] Other members: 0
      12:32:39,866 INFO [ClusterPartition] Started ClusterPartition: DefaultPartition
      12:32:39,867 INFO [ClusterPartition] Started
      12:32:39,868 INFO [HASessionStateService] Starting
      12:32:39,868 INFO [HASessionStateService] Started
      12:32:39,869 INFO [HANamingService] Starting
      12:32:39,983 INFO [HANamingService] Listening on
      12:32:39,994 INFO [HANamingService$AutomaticDiscovery] Listening on /, group=
      12:32:39,995 INFO [HANamingService] Started
      12:32:39,996 INFO [JGCacheInvalidationBridge] Starting
      12:32:40,087 INFO [InvalidationManager] Subscribing a new cache-invalidation bridge
      12:32:40,093 INFO [JGCacheInvalidationBridge] Started
      12:32:40,095 INFO [JRMPInvokerHA] Starting
      12:32:40,126 INFO [JRMPInvokerHA] Started