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    IllegalAccessException while deploying in JBoss3.0.7

    jamipj Newbie

      We have been trying to port our application from JBoss 3.0.3 to JBoss 3.0.7. We have a App.jar which includes all our session and entity beans and a App-Service.xml, where we have defined 4 Mbeans. The MBeans are for Scheduling and other start up process. The MBeans defined in the App-Service.xml is part of the App.jar. Also the Mbeans uses other external packages as needed by the MBean.

      Our applications deploys perfectly in JBoss 3.0.3, but when we deploy the same in JBoss 3.0.7, we get stack traces stating IllegalAccessException. We could trace out the problem to one particular MBean, which when commented out in App-Service.xml, all the beans get deployed successfully.

      We are unable to identify the problem since the same application is deployed and working on JBoss 3.0.3.

      Can anyone please help us …..