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    (JB3.2.1) Invalid console appender (again)

    steinarrune Newbie

      I Have seen this reported in another forum on JBoss 2 weeks back, but no solution was found there.
      I Have also reported this on the Hibernate news group without help.

      The problem is:
      JBoss 3.2.x and Hibernate 2 does not work together. I get a Log4J problem
      "ERROR: invalid console appender config detected, console stream is looping".
      It works with Hibernate 2 Beta 2, but I am a bit worried about running at with that so I would really be happy to get the released version working with JBoss.

      Any solution will do:
      - Changing the log4j.xml if possible to let the other system work. Any suggestions? I have tried redirecting the log4j category (of Hibernate) to another appender, but nothing changes.

      - Hibernate can use the Java 1.4 logger, but that requires removing jog4j from the classpath. Can I achieve this inside JBoss?

      Anything else that can be configures in Jboss to let such an application work, or do I have to wait until Hibernate make changes to their ways of configuring logging?