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    JBoss Examples

    mlr Newbie

      I downloaded the template for jBoss but when I do the 'ant' command I get this kind of errors:

      /home/xfer/j2ee/TemplateAndExamples/template/src/main/ejb/test/session/TestSessionBean.java:22: cannot resolve symbol

      I am using jboss 3.2

      Any ideas what the problem is ?
      Marco Laponder

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          rp0428 Newbie


          The /test/session/TestSessionBean.java file has three imports in it:

          import test.interfaces.TestEntity;
          import test.interfaces.TestEntityData;
          import test.interfaces.TestEntityHome;

          These files do not exist in the /test/interfaces directory (at least they don't exist in the 'JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples.zip' file available at 'http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=22866')

          Until someone makes these (and other files missing from the .zip) files available you won't be able to build this example.

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            rp0428 Newbie

            Boy did I have it wrong about the missing classes!

            The glass of wine with the 'crow' I had to eat made it a little more palatable.

            'mainster' was correct. The missing classes should be generated by the 'xdoclet-generate' task in the template's build.xml file.

            If you can't execute this task cleanly the rest of the project won't work either. (Note - you do not need JBoss running to execute this task).

            I was finally able to resolve my problem by running the tasks in the build.xml file one at a time. I discovered that I had the wrong path and classpath set up which prevented the 'xdoclet-generate' task from running properly.

            Once the generate task ran the rest of the project worked ok in my environment.

            You can alternate between the 'xdoclet-generate' and the 'clean' tasks until you resolve the environment issues.