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    Problems with JBoss client on Linux, and server on Solaris

    Andrew Tyson Newbie


      I am responsible for a site that is experiencing problems when an RMI based
      client (Tomcat JSP/Servlet 4.0.4 engine running on Linux) attempts to
      connect to a JBoss 3.0.3 instance running on Solaris 8. More often than not the connect
      request block waits until timing out. However when this behaviour occurs the
      JBoss instance is subsequently unable to accept connections from any other
      client on the network, despite apparently still listening on the JNDI port.
      It is almost as if the JNDI listener thread in the JBoss instance has
      crashed. The only option is to restart the JBoss instance.

      The VM on Solaris is 1.3.1-b24, and the VM on Linux is 1.3.1_08.

      Anyone have any thoughts?

      Thanks and regards,

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          Adrian Brock Master

          I can think of a number of reasons.

          1) JNDI has deadlocked
          try kill -3 {jboss.pid} to get a threaddump
          and look for a deadlock

          2) There is some problem with the network.
          Host configuration, dns, is your server multi-homed?

          3) You are running out of network connections
          what does netstat show?

          The timeout actually comes from a UDP broadcast
          when the initial connection attempt fails, it tries
          to find any jboss server on the network.

          One obvious question, have you tried a later
          version of jboss. I remember some improvements
          to JNDI around 3.0.4/3.0.5