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    file transfer and jboss

    Ivan Stoyanov Newbie

      I am working on jboss based application.
      I need to store files (txt,doc, xls ..) to a file ( or ftp) server.

      Is it possible to use jboss session beans for transfering files ?

      Is it possible with session bean to use FileStream?

      I hope some one is having the same problem and to know solution for it or to have any start idea.

      Many thanks,

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Strictly speaking the EJB spec prohibits EJBs from accessing files directly. In order to deal with these raw, unmanaged write access data sources you will need to build a service in-between perhaps based on an MBean, to serialize writes to it. Perhaps you could develop a similar architecture to MS Access and create a JCA-based access.

          There should be no real reason you can't build an FTP connection now, but again the problem will be preventing parallel writes to the same file (although it shouldn't effect the EJB side of things).