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    ClassNotFound - MBean loading issues

    patelr08 Newbie


      I have just started a new job and they use JBoss2.4.4. The deployment is unbelievably akward and the reason given is class loading issues.

      The application consists of:

      a jar file - contains ALL classes and NO ejb-jar.xml file. This is placed in jboss/lib/ext

      A ear file - contains a war file(jsps, html, images, etc), and another jar file (only the ejb-jar.xml file and jboss.xml file). This is placed in jboss/deploy.

      The problem (which has only recently appeared after I tried to simplify things) is JBoss startup complains that it can't find the MBean classes referenced in jboss.jcml.

      They definately exist in the jar file. I've also deployed as per the standard way - ie everything in the ear file but this also complained about missing classes.

      Any ideas?