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    JBoss Messaging difference between cluster and default serve

    Larry Farrar Newbie

      Under a previous post "Conection Factory Not Bound" in the "Messaging, JMS & JBossMQ" forum, I ask why I would get the javax.naming.NameNotFoundException for a client trying to connect to a Message queue. I was running the default server and in the jndiView mbean, I did not see that the ConnectionFactory was bound. So I ran the cluster version and sure enough the ConnectionFactory was bound under the jndiView and my test code worked. I have purchased and searched the documention, searched the forum, and even ran filemerge against any of the configuration files between the cluster and default server that looked they might have anything to do with Messaging. I found no differences ( I had previously set RecursiveSearch to True). So what does it take to get the ConnectionFactory bound in the default server???