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    Services Binding Manager doesn't change ports?

    Mark Frost Newbie

      Has anyone had any success with Service Binding Management, I just cannot get this to work :(

      I am using jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24

      Having acquired the bindingservice-plugin.jar from a previous version of JBoss (its missing in jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24), I installed the ServiceBindingManager MBean into my jboss-service.xml

      Then I correctly pointed to my storeURL with my <service-bindings>

      The end result is NOTHING! It doesn't seem to change the ports at all !!??

      For example, the default port for the WebServer service is 8083. If I change this to 18083 in my service-bindings xml file - it still uses 8083:

      F:\>netstat -a | fgrep 18083

      F:\>netstat -a | fgrep 8083
      TCP LRCAX:8083 LRCAX.hsnet.hemscott.co.uk:0 LISTENING

      Yet going via the JMX-CONSOLE and issuing getServiceConfig from the ServiceBindingManager MBean yields:

      ServiceConfig(name=jboss:service=Webserver), bindings=;bindAddress=localhost/;port=18083]>

      which would seem correct.

      Basically I want to use this technique for running my JBOSS cluster on 1 machine (for testing purposes)

      Has anyone had any success with this?

      Many thanks


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          sunitashukla Newbie


          where did u copy your bindingservice-plugin.jar file?
          Actually I got the same problem but with JBoss3.2.2_RC1_tomcat4.1.24 I got it working.

          Did u achieve any success with 3.2.1 as I am also working for the same version?


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            Mark Frost Newbie

            OK figured it out - its the example bindings.xml file - its incorrect!

            <service-config name="jboss:service=Webserver"

            should be

            <service-config name="jboss:service=WebService"

            then the port does correctly get mapped.

            The bindingservice-plugin.jar is placed into the /server//lib folder along with all the other jars.

            Any chance that the examples could form part of the JUnit tests? Without examples its next to impossible to learn the ins and outs of JBoss and without working examples it just makes it harder.