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    probleme log confuguration

    sch-th Newbie


      I'm beginner on jboss and jetty.
      I'd like to put the log files (log4i) , request log files and jboss log files on another disk.

      How to configure jboss-service.xml ans log4i.xml ??

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          Bernd Zeitler Expert

          Look into your jboss-service.xml in the conf directory of your current server configuration. You can change the ConfigurationURL there if you don't want to use the conf/log4j.xml file for configuration. Probably the configuration file must be included in the bootstrap classpath of JBoss, so expand the shell script or batch for starting.
          If you only want to add some appenders and do some logging configuration, don't change this URL, just edit this file.


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            sch-th Newbie


            I want to use the log4i.xml file. But my problem is the following :
            I can modify the path of the server.log of JBoss like this :

            But I want to change the path of the request files of jetty too.
            my jboss-service.XML contains :


            <!--/yyyy_mm_dd.request.log -->

            How to change it to put the request files on the same directory as jboss logs ???