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    Jboss Jakarta

    kristoltaylor Newbie

      I am completely lost on this. I installed jboss 3.2.1. Got rid of it and followed a post about installing jboss with tomcat and followed that. Now jboss seems to work but jakarta doesn't. I realize this isn't an apache site.

      What I'm wondering is why there are so many different installations for the same outcome!! All I want is to run jboss with Apache. All the documentation has different ways of doing this. Grrr!

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Not sure about the exact problem but if you are happy to run the embedded Tomcat server just download the JBoss Tomcat bundle and install it. JBoss will start the Tomcat container as a service in the same VM. The current 3.2.x releases have the JBoss Jetty bundle as the default - Jetty being the servlet container alternative to Tomcat. I prefer it, having migrated from two years working with Tomcat.

          Intra-container calls (servlet to EJB) are much faster - let's say that a ball park figure is at least by an order of magnitude although my performance tests show by two orders. Since this is a democratic society, some people wish to operate Tomcat as an external and physically separate entity to JBoss. This allows many additional features of Tomcat to be used - although the developer needs to make a decision about whether the tradeoff in performance is worth the additional features. So that is why there are choices about your JBoss Tomcat, internal/external configuration.

          However, if you just take the JBoss Tomcat standard bundle, Tomcat will run from the box in the JBoss microkernel environment, HTTP on port 8080, HTTPS on 8443 and AJP13/JK2 on 8009.

          Hope that helps.