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    deploying axis & tomcat & jboss

    crosscourt Newbie

      hi all

      why does the browser display that "500 no context error"?

      i'm trying to get this tutorial working.
      One of the ant task is "axis-admin" and when that runs, i get:

      on the jboss server:
      18:14:36,953 INFO [Engine] StandardHost[localhost]: MAPPING configuration error
      for request URI /AxisEJB/services/AdminService

      on Ant:
      [axis-admin] AxisFault
      faultCode: {http://xml.apache.org/axis/}HTTP
      faultString: (500)No Context configured to process this request
      {}string: return code: 500
      Apache Tomcat/4.1.24-LE-jdk14 - Error repor
      t<!--H1{font-family : sans-serif,Arial,Tahoma;colo
      r : white;background-color : #0086b2;} H3{font-family : sans-serif,Arial,Tahoma;
      color : white;background-color : #0086b2;} BODY{font-family : sans-serif,Arial,T
      ahoma;color : black;background-color : white;} B{color : white;background-color
      : #0086b2;} HR{color : #0086b2;} --> &
      lt;h1>HTTP Status 500 - No Context configured to process this request</h1&
      gt;<HR size="1" noshade>type Status
      reportmessage No Context configur
      ed to process this requestdescription</
      b> The server encountered an internal error (No Context configured t
      o process this request) that prevented it from fulfilling this request.
      ;<HR size="1" noshade><h3>Apache Tomcat/4.1.24-L

      [axis-admin] Running axis-admin with parameters:
      [axis-admin] action:
      [axis-admin] url:null
      [axis-admin] hostname:localhost
      [axis-admin] port:8080
      [axis-admin] servletPath:AxisEJB/services/AdminService
      [axis-admin] fileProtocol:null
      [axis-admin] username:null
      [axis-admin] password:null
      [axis-admin] transportChain:null
      [axis-admin] debug:true


      HELP please