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    ERROR [MainDeployer] could not create deployment file : Conn

    simondonally Newbie

      Hi JBoss Users

      I've created a hello world application, packaged it together with an ejb-jar.xml in a META-INF directory, in a HelloWorld.jar file and copied it to the server/default/deployment directory.

      After I copy the file I receive a deployment error due to a connection which is refused.

      I have checked the hostname in the /etc/hosts file which I think is correct localhost.localdomain darkstar.xxx.yyy darkstar

      The netstat -an command shows that the port 1099 is in Listen mode

      tcp 0 0* LISTEN

      Please could someone tell me what is wrong with my configuration?

      I'm using RedHat 7.3 and the JBoss-3.2.1 package with the integrated Tomcat 4.1.24.

      Simon Donally