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    Can't start Jboss under solaris 9

    Francis Pouatcha Newbie

      I'am getting a problem while tring to start JBoss with an extended server class path under solaris 9 (sparc). The deloyment works well under win2000, Linux Redhat 8,9.

      - I'm getting exactly the same effects with the following VMs:
      - J2SE1.4.1b21 (without 64 bit support)
      - J2SE1.4.1_01 (with 64 bit patch, i naturally added -d64 to the vm params)
      - J2SE1.4.1_03 (with 64 bit patch)
      - I'm using jboss3.2.1-tomcat4.1.21

      - When i start a fresh deployment of jboss, it works. In order to reuse some classes accross many components, I extend the (all path relative to"jboss/server/default") conf/jboss-service.xml wiht 2 additional directories lib/b lib/a. When I restart the server, it doesn't work. I get a NoClassDefFoundError for all following MBeans it tries to deploy. Starting at log4JService. I guess the class loader loses controll after have scanned the tree directories.

      - I then startet sorting the jars and adding them to the directory lib/a one by one, and I made the following remark:
      - When the Same class ist found more than once in the scope of the class loader, he loses controll. This was the case with jakarta-commons that are also packaged with jbosswebtomcat.sar

      - Some other packages allthough unique in the scope bring the server in trouble. This is the case of struts.jar, ojdbc.jar (oracle JDBC-Driver), ...

      can somebody tell me what is hapening here?

      is there any experiance with JBoss under solaris sparc 64-bit? (My application is working well under Windows and Linux Redhat).

      Next week, i'll try to run the applikation under solaris 8 to see wether the same effect occurs.