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    <f:convertNumber  pattern=

    Alexandr Vishnev Newbie

      Hi !

      I have noticed that in <f:convertNumber pattern=" doesn't works in <rich:inplaceInput

      This is my code:

       <rich:inplaceInput editEvent="ondblclick"
       <f:validateDoubleRange minimum="0" />
       <f:convertNumber pattern="{link for my custom tag}" />

      This is a bug? Or perhaps tag <rich:inplaceInput> don't allow using inner <f:convertNumber> ?

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          If you mean the problem with loosing convert after client side inplace interaction - then the answer is yes. Because client side script knows nothing about server side cnverters so after you edit the field and applied changes on client - conversion will be lost. As a workaround you could update the field via ajax after every change saved(with onviewactivated event) but this seems to be unnesessary request for such a detail.