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    Setting up a timer?

    Gary Newbie

      I want to back up my database at certain time everyday. Does anyone know how to set up a timer to perform the task in JBoss? Does JBoss have the feature?

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          Bernd Zeitler Expert

          Depends on how you want to perform the backup. JBoss can't help you with this task but JBoss has a scheduler service to realize a timer. Look at the configuration and examples to see how it works.


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            davem Newbie

            which jboss version are you using?

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              Gary Newbie

              sorry for replying so late...I am using 3.0.6 bundle with Tomcat...

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                davem Newbie

                I'm using Jboss 3.2.1 and here's what I did. I create a SAR file that includes all of the class files that are used by my timer. A SAR (super archive) file is similar to a JAR file (in fact I create it in ant using the JAR tool) and I put that file in my deploy directory.

                The first thing you need is an XML file called jboss-service.xml. Here's what mine looks like:

                <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <!DOCTYPE server>
                <!-- $Id: user-service.xml,v 1.4 2002/06/01 02:10:53 starksm Exp $ -->
                <!-- ===================================================================== -->
                <!-- -->
                <!-- User Service Configuration -->
                <!-- -->
                <!-- ===================================================================== -->

                | Add custom MBeans here. MBeans should be registered under the
                | 'user' JMX domain, or a domain specific to the component application.
                | Do not place user components in the 'jboss' domain or any sub-domain.


                The important things to note are: the class file I'm using is located in the mbean name and the SchedulableClass attribute.

                SchedulePeriod is the number of seconds between repetitions. 3600000 is one day. InitialRepetitions is how many times this timer is going to run. You'll set yours to -1 so it runs indefinitely. Your last two attributes will probably look like this:

                Almost ready but you still have to modify whatever class you're sending the notifications to, in this example, com.incentivation.eval.util.PrefsLoader.

                My class looks like this:
                import org.jboss.varia.scheduler.Schedulable;
                import org.apache.log4j.Logger;

                public class PrefsLoader implements Schedulable
                private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(PrefsLoader.class);

                private String name;
                private long value;

                public PrefsLoader(String name, long value)
                this.name = name;
                this.value = value;

                public void perform(Date now, long remainingRepetitions)
                // your database backup code

                You need scheduler-plugin.jar for the class org.jboss.varia.scheduler.Schedulable so it'll compile. I have that jar in my [jboss-home]/server/incentivation/lib directory and ant knows to look there for the jars.

                So now you have your class files ready to go in your SAR file with that XML file. Put the SAR file in the [jboss-home]/server/incentivation/deploy directory and you should be set to go!

                Let me know if this works and I hope this helps everyone else trying to get a timer to work.

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                  Gary Newbie

                  Thanks for the detailed instruction..I will give it a try. when mine works..I will let you know...

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                    Gary Newbie

                    Do I need to add a timer mbaen first? after add the following line in jboss-service.xml:

                    What should I do next?
                    The JBoss 3 document writes:
                    Date lNext = new Date( new Date().getTime() + Timer.ONE_MINUTE );
                    Integer lOneMinuteTimer = (Integer) lServer.invoke(
                    new Object[] {
                    "I call you with this timer once",
                    // No user object
                    // In one minute from now
                    new String[] {

                    Where should I put the code???
                    The document indicates that before using a scheduler we should set up a timer MBean. Is it right?
                    I've tried your solution, but it doesn't work. The console said the scheduler is not registered..why??

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                      Gary Newbie

                      It works now....I tried your solution again carefully...thanks a lot...