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    3.21What is the Entity bean limit before degradation

    Donald Newbie

      I am running at a roughly 1100 beans on an applicaition per instance of Jboss before there are any users.

      This application is an existing application. Now please don't e-mail on why that many beans, this cannot be changed at this time as this will be rewritten in the future. For now, I need to boost performance with what we have and how we have it.

      With that said, when does the number of beans start to impeed performance. all the beans are pretty simple and it looks like 90% of these beans are basically just there for read only functionality so the sets are never called just gets.

      I have to check with the spec to see how the container manages this with the database.

      Thanks for any info on this. Any special tuning that may help, please pass that along

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Quantity impedance is going to depend on a lot of things - amount of memory, number of active threads (user load), creation speed of objects, including database speed. All things being equal, if you have enough memory it shouldn't be an issue from a pure object perspective.

          From a CMP point of view, you may want to check the article written by a couple of the JBoss guys on CMP tuning and it describes what is happening in the container.

          Try http://www.onjava.com/lpt/a/3871. I'm hoping this works ok as the link switches through an adclick. I hope it is the kind of thing you are after.