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    3.2.2 resource problem

    chris humphrey Newbie

      I am working on upgrading to JBoss 3.2.2 (from 3.2.0) but have run across a few problems.

      Currently I am deploying a single ear file on JBoss 3.2.0. When I deploy the same ear file using 3.2.2RC1 or RC2 my applicaiton is not able to load a file from within a jar file directly inside the ear.

      Its a pretty simple ear file, contains only a single jar file, and a single war file (with the application.xml). the war file has a META-INF/MANIFEST.MF in it with the jar file included in the class path line of that file.

      Is there some configuration change needed in 3.2.2 (or something I did to get 3.2.0 working that I forgot about) to make this work?