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    Starting jboss using build properties

    giles parnell Newbie


      I've trying to start jboss with remote debugging by runing an ant script. I can get it working by simply changing the run.sh script to include the remote debug properties, and then calling an exec ant task on run.sh with my server name.

      The problem i have is that i want to be able to insert the debug port from a properties file so that when i run my ant task per developer i get jboss starting in debug with the unique debug port. I can't seem to be able to figure out the java call that is required. Must I use the run.jar file with a java ant task and include the debugt args? Does anyone have similar syntax on this for me?

      I'm sure this must have been done before - if anyone can point me in the correct direction - it would be great.

      Cheers in advance