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    suggestionbox  callable  suggestion list

    dreu zel Novice

      'I've created a suggestion box that can do text search in a hibernate db

      the suggestion box has the ability to return the whole selected data record (DB possibly binary object), as this what is required by call.

      this offeres a problem:

      - as a user uses an item selected in the selection box; the correct answer is returned, as the user hits return, there is no reason to find a selection
      the user is presented with a string of what is typed.

      I think i can detect, a submit,(hit return) without a selection but,..
      is there a way to launch the selection explicitely as a return(submit is executed without a previous selection ?) the Suggestionbox behaves then as a simple input .... if data was filled corresponding to the input (no problem ,,, but what in the case, when a submit is done , without
      the indication of a selection

      ( How do I fire a suggestion event ???? ,queriing end popup table >)