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    How to run JBOSS as a background process

    aldsg Newbie

      JBOSS running on Solaris 8

      I could run the JBOSS in the background using following command. It works as long as i am logged on to the server. However it terminates as soon as i logout from the server.

      nohup run.sh &

      What changes should be made so that JBOSS is available even after i have logged out from the server?

      ( What i am asking is similar to how to run JBOSS as a service on the windows 2000 server)

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          Jon Barnett Master

          I don't think this is a JBoss related issue.

          What happens if you "set -o notify" and then force a terminal session logout through "control D". I vaguely remember having this issue with AIX and I think the solution was to set notification to be asynchronous? Perhaps it was "set +o notify". AIX used to warn you that there were jobs running in the background.

          Anyway try playing around with that and see if you have any success.