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    ver3.21. startup throws JBossLocalXAException..

    TonyLu Newbie

      When startup jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24 it throws exception as follows:
      10:01:21,587 WARN [TransactionImpl] XAException: tx=TransactionImpl:XidImpl [Fo
      rmatId=257, GlobalId=yjjing//1, BranchQual=] errorCode=XA_UNKNOWN(0)
      org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.JBossLocalXAException: Error trying to star
      t local tx: ; - nested throwable: (org.jboss.resource.JBossResourceException: SQ
      LException; - nested throwable: (java.sql.SQLException: User not found: SA))
      at org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.TxConnectionManager$LocalXAResou
      at org.jboss.tm.TransactionImpl.startResource(TransactionImpl.java:1137)
      It said 'Uer not found:SA'
      But it can startup sucessfully in another computer with the same webapp and same configuration
      Please Help

      Thanks in advance