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    kbatizy Newbie

      Ok, so I have an MDB that uses org.apache.commons.httpclient

      When I upgraded to 3.2.1, the first problem came from the fact that it now comes with commons-httpclient.jar in <jboss-home>/lib

      So, I replaced it with the newer version that I need, and then I get errors related to commons-logging stuff. So I put the commons-logging jar in <jboss-home>/lib and I get classdef not found errors pertaining to the logging stuff.

      The only way I got this to work was to move both of the commons-crap.jar files to <jboss-home>/server/default/lib

      Can someone explain what is happening here? I really want to understand the issue. Also, why is commons-httpclient now part of JBoss? Presumably for clustering support? I see no mention of it in any of the change notes.