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    Jim Dwyer Novice

      Strange problem.

      Yesterday my JBoss server was humming along just fine. Today it is "insisting" that it use a Log4j.properties file from one of my previous projects. This is causing errors on the server and the clients all which worked yesterday. I didn't tell it to use this Log4j.properties file.

      I went through all of the files in the conf directory under the default server. Everything looked fine.

      I checked the classpath many times and it should not be picking it up there.

      It doesn't make any sense to me. Does the server only use the Log4j.xml file in the server/default/conf directory? Can JBoss use multiple Log4j config files? If so how does that work? Any help would be appreciated.

      Not all is bad. I learned an enormous amount about JBoss tracking this down.