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    Installation Advices/Guidelines

    mcoyne Newbie

      To All Who Have Used JBOSS in a Production Environment:

      I have some naive questions regarding installation of JBoss. JBoss was planned to be installed on Linux machines, in a close-to 24x7 production environment. The number of Linux machines are 50-75.
      1. For ease of maintenace, I was told that only one instace of Jboss can be installed on one Linux machine. Please tell me whether or not this one-JBoss-instance-per-machine rule is true or not? In case, more instances can be installed on one machine, please tell me the pros and cons of such environment.
      2. Do you suggest to install JBoss as root? I think a better way is to create a user with sufficient privilege and install JBoss unser such user, but not as root? What do you experts think?

      Thanks in advance