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    Deactivate UnifiedClassloader

    diaxwm Newbie


      Is there any possibility to completely deactive the /&%$ UnifiedClassloader (JBoss 3.x) in order to achieve the functionality which it was in JBoss 2.4.x.

      We have blocking problems which this approach and we cannot use any JBoss version higher than 2.4.

      We tried all we could 2 weks long. The problem is the following:

      We have an application which is separated in a separate EAR per component. Each component provides a jar file "component-access.jar" which holds all needed classes to access (ejb-interfaces, DataObject-Interfaces, ...) This jar file is included in every EAR which access this component.

      - With UnifiedClassloader we get errors because of multiple identical jar-files (even I see this as a bug)
      - Using a separate Application-Domain for each we get errors because of incorrect marshalling/unmarshalling
      - Placing alle -access-jars in lib-dir we have to restart the server for each change (practically not possible in development - productive this would not be a problem)

      A main problem is that the UnifiedClasLoading-concept violates - even sometimes useful - the J2EE-specifications. Therefore this should be disabled per default or at least well documented how to disable in a readme.txt or something like that.
      Anyway JBoss should additionally always be tested without this UnifiedClassLoader.

      I was very lucky with jboss in the past but this approach let me think about alternatives which are fully J2EE compliant.

      Thanks Michael