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    Integration of Apache 2.0 with JBoss 3.2.x embedded servlet

    Ove Nordstrom Newbie

      Anyone have rebuild apache 2.0 so it intergrate with JBoss 3.2.x?
      I would like to have the binarie?
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      Refer to http://www.amitysolutions.com.au/documents/JK2-technote.pdf for a configuration guide. You will need an Adobe Acrobat 5.0 compatible reader. The Apache 2.0 instance in RedHat 9 apparently does not have support for shared libraries. You would need to get an Apache 2.0 source version and build from scratch for mod_jk2 to work.

      You would need to modify the workers2.properties file to map/forward requests. Refer to the JK2 references to work out your mapping.