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    3.2.x deployed on AS400?

    alopez Newbie

      Anyone have experience doing this? Any gotchas?

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          pfowler Newbie

          We are in the process of deploying both/either 3.2.2RC3 and 3.2.1. Both have strange errors. 3.2.1 has a "bad file path error" when attempting to deploy the EmbeddedCatalinaService. We have traced this down to a Url.getCanoncalFile(File) problem that has been reported as a bug in IBM's JDK 1.3 and subsequently fixed in a refresh.
          3.2.2RC3 is giving us a problem finding a LocalStrings.properties file that is definitely in the catalina.jar. I suspect that this problem will go away with the 1.3 refresh or by moving to JDK 1.4. We WERE however able to get the minimal config of JBOSS going. Hope that helps.

          My next challenge (assuming the updates fix the install) is to get a resource adaptor created/procured that will allow me to call AS/400 RPG programs in a J2EE/JCA manner. Any hints or leads on that would be greatly appreciated.

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            Doug Smith Newbie

            I found a link of a successful 3.0.0 deployment (with tweaks) by searching for JBoss + "AS/400" on google. Marc Fleury has confirmed that several companies have ported JBoss. The code should be ok, the trick is to get the environment set up (subsystem, jobq, classpath, etc). Beats paying the $10,000 Websphere tax.

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              pfowler Newbie

              Thanks for the info.