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    Advice on Server Configuration

    shilad Newbie

      I've been hunting for a "definitive" solution to this problem, but have not found one, so I thought I'd ask for advice.

      I need to manage some server specific configuration for my EJB's beyond data sources and the like. Simple string values will generally suffice. Ideally, I'd like to be able to bind these to enc references for various EJB's in several Ears.

      There are well known ways to do this on the application level (jboss.xml / ejb-jar.xml). Does anybody have suggestions of how to do this on the SERVER level? It seems like it should be a common problem.

      Thanks in advance for any insight,

      Shilad Sen

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          Raja Master

          you can write a MBean that will do the startup work of binding properties to a jndi space.
          Since mbeans (-service.xml and .sar) are deployed before ears and wars, you are guaranteed that at the time of deployment of EARs, you would have hte properties bound .Check out the Getting Started doc for writing a MBean