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    Integration with Eclipse

    alex_chen Newbie

      I downloaded the plug-in part of JBoss so it can
      be used as a plug-in component of Eclipse.

      Is there any document about how it is used?

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          kkiikkii9988 Newbie

          I just wish JBoss group people would allocate some resources to really provide a nice JBossIDE that works nice with Eclipse. Heck, you can even make it a subscription based, just like the Jboss doco (we are a subscriber, and we would be happy to subscribe to JBossIDE, if it was half as good as the JBuilder counterpart, and we only have experience with demo version with a lot of functionalities not working!).

          We don't use JBuilder as the enterprise version is way too expensive for small shop like us, and we just start developing J2EE apps. Other Eclipse pluging, such as MyEclipse and Lomboz, kinda work, but still off the base. MyEclipse does not really support EJB as of now, and Lomboz is well, weird, but it's definitely nicer than JBossIDE.

          I would guess JBoss group, with all the experience with J2EE development, can easily come up with a nice IDE that beats the hell out of other IDEs, just like JBoss beats other app servers.

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            Masoud Omidvar Newbie

            I've just add Lombz plugin to eclipse, but it does not support lates versions (3.2.2 and 4.0DR). so, I've changed plugins\com.objectlearn.jdt.j2ee\servers\jboss321.server to be run without any ClassNotFoundException, but it seams not to support JSP debug and many other features! I follow the directions of ObjectLearn and tusc sites. Any more idea ?

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              Darran Lofthouse Master


              By plug-in part of JBoss I assume that you mean the JBossIDE.

              If you go to :-


              Follow the link to download JBoss IDE and close to it there should be a link for downloading the quick start guide for the version before.