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    Installing a central JBoss with configs outside of jboss ins

    robgodley Newbie


      I'd like to be able to install a central version of JBoss in one location and be able to deploy and server instances outside of the standard directory structure.

      I'd like to install be able to install JBoss into a directory such as,


      Then I'd like to be able to reuse this central installation for multiple servers, each configured in different directories, e.g.


      Has anyone managed to do this ? Also, has anyone managed to get this working with symbolic links ? If so, please could you let me know how you did it or point me in the correct direction.

      I've been testing the jboss.server.config.url and jboss.server.lib.url to no avail. Is there anywhere where the full list of these properties is defined ?


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          Raja Master

          You need to set values for
          jboss.server.name - > Name of ur server config( default is "default").. In ur case, it is myserver
          jboss.server.base.url --> Base dir for ur server configurations, in ur case , /home/myhome/jboss/server

          You have to return the URL representations of these directories. Look in ServerConfigImpl.java for more details on these properties. If you set these at startup , you can bypass the default values(I think).


          PS: I have not tried this , but would really be interested in the result ;-)