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    How to config the Mysql on JBoss 3.2.1

    shen Newbie

      As title!

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          Ed Mahoney Newbie

          The Jboss folks have made this about as easy as possible but it has changed in the 3.2 release.

          There is a file labelled mysql-ds.xml somewhere in your distribution. Copy it to your deploy folder and change the following:
          (see below for the actual contents of the file)
          ->> yourdatasourcename - to your data source name, mySqlDS is common. This is the name you use to refer to things in your ejb descriptor

          yourserveripaddress - whatever your server ip address or URL is. localhost if your working on the same machine as mysql

          yourdatabasename - whatever it is defined as in mysql
          yourdatabaseusername - as defined in mysql
          yourpassword - ditto

          If you're using a different driver, you may have to change the driver signature as well.

          Here's the text of the file minus the header stuff.


          That's all there is to it. Good luck,