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      By having


      in jboss-service.xml. The deploy directory is to be scanned.
      when changing the RecursiveSearch to either true or false doesn't have effect.

      In either case, the services under jms directory is still locateable through the jmx-console. Isn't it that if the RecursiceSearch is false the directory (like jms) will not be searched.

      I thought that maybe its because deploy/ (a slash behind it) is causing the immediate directory under deploy to be scanned so the services under jms could be found. So, i make a dir called jjms and copied the jms directory under it and restart jboss with RecrusiveSearch as false. The services are picked up by JBoss as well as it is locateable under jmx-console.

      I am confuse about this. Does anyone have this same doubt as well?