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    WAR depends on EAR

    kbutler Newbie

      Deploying question - our WAR is deployed separately and unpacked, and depends on our EAR, which has all of our JARs & EJBs (done for JSP development ease).

      This is working fine except for the deployment order. The WAR always deploys first and so can't find the JARs that it knows are in the EAR.

      I'd rather not use the PrefixDeployer; I've tried deploying the WAR with service properties with a element; even tried deploying as a SAR with obvious poor results.

      Has anybody gotten this combination to work? Proposed workarounds?

      (The advanced docs did not help with this).

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          kbutler Newbie

          BTW I got around this by exploding the whole EAR, not just the WAR.

          Note that in order for this to work, I had to remove the file
          I can't see any reason for it, but after doing that, everything deployed fine and in the correct order.

          That lead me to the next problem, which is the WAR not deploying when touching web.xml. Working on that now.

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            Bernd Zeitler Expert

            Configure your

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