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    Windows 2003 and JBoss

    Ray DeCampo Newbie


      I will be attempting to deploy JBoss on Windows 2003 server. Has anyone run into any issues or problems to watch out for? I'd rather know sooner than later and I won't have access to the Windows 2003 server for a bit...


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          Jon Barnett Master

          Not enough information on 2003 to know. However, ultimately this will depend on the compatibility of existing Java JDKs with Server 2003, rather than specifically JBoss. I would suggest that it would be best to research this as undoubtedly, there will be more information available on the Web regarding this.

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            Russ Stanley Newbie


            About 8 months ago I built a Dell laptop into a Win2003 server with the 1.4.1_02 JRE/SDK and JBoss 3.2.1. It was a PIII 500 w/256 MB RAM which pointed to our Oracle 9i database. It ran quite good, in fact I had trouble convincing the user it was a laptop! (Was used to develop our program templates...not as a production server).

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