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      I just downloaded Jboss and plan to install on RedHat 9.0, I am new to java and have had trouble with the classpath ( mainly due to ignorance of the subject ) . So my question is, in a previous post concerning a RH 7.3 install this was part of the reply . ...... "Ensure that there is nothing in your Java classpath before you execute run.sh." Does this mean that I must remove the classpath unfo in my bash_profile file? or does this refrence a configuration file in Jboss?.

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          Jon Barnett Master

          You don't need to remove it from your environment, but you may want to edit the run.sh for JBoss and clear the classpath at the start of the script. The run.sh sets up the JBoss classpath for required libraries during the course of the script. Newcomers have found that the classpath inherited from the UNIX/Linux environment can sometimes cause JBoss to fail on start up - mainly because the libraries override those used in JBoss.

          OF course, your other option is to clear your classpath in the environment. It depends on your requirements for running other Java programs besides JBoss.

          As always, YMMV.