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    JMX HTML-Adaptor  on 8082

    krushi Newbie

      I downloaded the latest Jboss Package with Tomcat integrated from the jobss site.


      I followed the instructions from the quick start guide to set up the system and was able to start Jboss using the rub.bat i.e provided for Windows 2000.

      The Quick Start guide mentions that

      "To check if JBoss is running please open a browser and enter http://localhost:8082 which will list all JBoss components running. This page is served by the HTML-Adaptor and is a way to manage Jboss"

      But on my system I cannot access the URL , I tried running Jboss with all the 3 startup options i.e


      But I cannot access the URL , can somebody send me directions on how to enable the management service that listens on port 8082...

      I also uses netstat to check the open ports 8082 was not listed.

      Please note I can access

      Any help is appreciated.