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    java web start

    michaelzhao Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      I have problem by using "java web start" to launch a rich client for a J2EE application.
      I used jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24 as my ejb container and web container. The application is Sun's petstore version 1.3.1_02. I deploy it on the jboss and everything runs fine except I launch rich client in the admin model.
      Following are the error message:
      Java web Start - Invalid Argument error
      Unable to lanch the specified application

      When I clicked the "detail" button for the detail error message, under exception, it says:

      CouldNotLoadArgumentException [Could not loa file/URL specified] st com.sun.javaws.Main.main (Unknown Source)

      There are three files related to the rich client application: AdminApp.jar, crimson.jar, and jaxp.jar.
      They are all packed into petstoreadmin.war file and then into the petstoreadmin.ear file.
      When you deploy petstore on j2ee application server. These three files appear under {J2EE_HOME}/public_html/admin directory. But by using jboss, when you depoly petstoreadmin.ear, you can't see these three files under any directory. I personal think they should be under the {JBOSS_HOME}/server/default(or other server name)/deploy/tmp/deploy/server/default(or other server name, same as above)/deploy/work/MainEngine/localhost/admin directory.

      Why jboss deployer doesn't copy those three file into their directory?
      Is the ../work/.. directory a direcoty which jboss EJB container and web container works with in the run time?

      Can somebody help me?