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    New JBoss User startup woes

    Daryl Lee Newbie

      It seems reasonable to me that downloading JBoss-3.2.1 (and maybe even JBoss-3.2.2RC4, both of which I have tried) into a clean directory, with no previous JBoss history on this server, and executing $JBOSS_DIST/bin/run.sh should result in a WARN-free startup. But in my case, and in the case of others (see bluedino's thread on Sep. 22) mutliple .jar files seem to be missing or out of place. The best advice given in that thread was "get a clean distribution and re-install it." I did that using both jboss-3.2.1.zip and ...tgz, and after an hour of trying to track down such files as log4j-core.jar, I'm now ready to plea for help.

      Can anyone suggest to me how to get a WARN-free startup? I've tried ignoring the warnings, but a simple hello.war generates exceptions that I think may be traceable to whatever these WARNs are related to.