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      I am attempting to build and deploy my ear based project using ANT. Prior to adding JUNIT test code to the project it built fine. I then added some JUNIT test cases and made sure that the junit.jar was in the class path. Even so, I get semantic errors because it appears either not to be finding the JUNIT classes or is finding another version of JUNIT (embedded in another jar?) in the classpath.

      I tried putting the junit.jar in the <ANT_HOME>/lib directory and it seems to work okay on my local machine, but I would like to figure out what is going on so I don't have to drop supporting build libraries into the <ANT_HOME>/lib directory.

      Any suggestions from the community on tracking this type of issue down? I've even tried putting the junit.jar at the front of my build.path variable in the build.xml to make sure it was picked up first.

      Also, I am not exactly sure what semantic errors indicate over normal classnotfound errors.