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    Using jboss ahead of time very slow

    Kris Kristensen Newbie


      JBossWeb 3.0.7

      we are just about to go-live and one of our requirements in the acceptance test is to turn back time on the server to some date last year, and see what happens. Under normal circumstances everything runs smoothly and fast but funny things happens duing this exercise. Suddenly things start to get extremely slow. I haven't been able to pin-point what excatly get's slow (JBoss/Jetty/Struts).
      Actually I don't think it is JBoss-core because the java-clients (using jws) don't seem to be affected by this time-roll-back but sure enough the web pages do :-(
      Under normal conditions the web pages come alive in 2-3 seconds (first run). With time rolled back we're talking 40-50 secs.(first run). Second time the page gets activated:
      normal: immediately
      time rolled back: 40-50 secs. !!!
      Anybody experience this?? Is there a switch in JBossWeb (or maybe java..) where I can turn off this time-check?