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    jboss on win98

    praveen Newbie

      Can anybody help me out with this problem,i have installed jboss3x on win98.
      The scenario is this:-

      on my pc i have installed jboss on win98, and database is on another pc in the network,before i start my jboss i do have network connections and can see the database pc, once i start my jboss everything runs fine i mean no errors when i run the jboss, but the network is no more, i cannot see other pcs in my network, when i try to acces network neighbourhood it says access denied ,since network is not there i cannot access database. but when i stop the jboss once again i can access the network, it is something funny, do i need to make some settings in the run.bat????
      your help would be timely and appreciable.

      thank u and regards.