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    WebStart (3.0.4 and 3.2.2)

    Victor Kravtsov Newbie

      I've used JBoss3.0.4 with Jetty and WebStart for client - ALL works correct (even if I stop and launch server again - the change control works ok!).

      By some reason I very need to move on JBoss3.2.2(Tomcat or Jetty). The problem is that: WebStart woks. But when I restart JBoss, the server redeploy all applications into the TEMP-directory and change the date of all files to the current date! As result - WebStart reloads on all clients all applications after restarting JBoss3.2.2(with Tomcat and with Jetty - I've tried both).

      How to correct this error!

      Can anybody help me, please?
      Thank you in advance.