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    Deploying multiple apps on separate JVMs

    tpp Newbie

      I've been trying to find a way to exactly replicate our production environment using JBoss.

      On our production environments we deploy our applications using WebSphere. We currently deploy all the applications (we have about half a dozen) on the same WebSphere instance to run on multiple JVMs. The applications need to be interacting with each other. They are using IBM's EJB Command Server pattern for this, i.e. the inter-application calls are done using EJB calls.

      I do not have multiple server boxes to use for this, so however it's done, it has to run on the same physical server box.

      Is that something that can be done on JBoss? If so, how? I've read all the docs and searched all corners of the web and Usenet with no luck.

      If the above scenario is not a valid deployment scenario
      with JBoss, what would be the best alternative given my restraints? Multiple instances of JBoss running on the same box, each application deployes on single instance, the instances clustered?

      If anyone has done anything like this, I'd appreciate some pointers to how to configure JBoss to do this. Server installation and configuration is not my strongest suits :(



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          tpp Newbie


          I've pretty much figured this can not be done using JBoss (multiple apps each running on separate JVM on same instance of JBoss).

          I figured an alternative would be to run multiple instances of JBoss each running one application. How do I share the JNDI tree with each JBoss instance in this case? I do NOT want to cluster.

          Has anyone run into this sort of a problem?


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            Ivan O. Parra Novice

            What do you mean by:
            "multiple apps each running on separate JVM on same instance of JBoss"

            Seperate JVM, to me, implies different processes. Unless you have some sort of native code that spawns multiple VM via a single process, I don't think Jboss supports it.

            If you want to share the JNDI, you will have to use HAJNDI instead of the normal JNDI. Clustering will not be required to actually implement HA.