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    JB3.2.1 JNP doesn't seem to handle multiple network cards

    Ivan O. Parra Novice

      Here is my scenario:

      Jboss3.2.1 with 2 Nic Cards(A,B).
      I specified the JNDI BindAddress to Card B.

      From a completely seperate machine:
      If I connect to card B on the JNDI port, I get the initial context. But the lookup does the call on card A. Card A, of course, is unaccessible from any other network.

      I tried setting the jnp.localAddress field in the jndi.properties, still no good.

      If you telnet to Card B at the JNDI Port, I get Marshall junk AND the ip-address of Card A.

      I look through the stack trace and the lookup and see that NamingContext only has Card B information. But when this context calls getServer(), it returns the ip address of card A.

      Any suggestions out there on how to solve/avoid this.