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    help! Enable SSL in JBoss + WASP

    Gloria Lin Newbie


      I'm using JBoss 3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24 and WASP Server for Java 4.6. WASP is already ported to JBoss, i.e. it's a war directory in JBoss. What I did:

      (01) create a keystore file using keytool and put in server conf directory;
      (02) modify jboss-service.xml file in jbossweb-tomcat.sar;
      (03) start JBoss.

      Upon this time, SSL is successfully enabled in JBoss and I can access https://localhost:8443/jmx-console/index.jsp. However, the web service provided by WASP is not reachable and I got the error message "Can't locate trusted certificate".

      I figure it's because I didn't import the certificate into the keystore of WASP. When I tried to do that with a tool in WASP, I found that the WASP can't recogonize the format.

      So, I switch to OpenSSL for help:
      (01) I use OpenSSL to create a key.pem and then cert.pem;
      (02) I import the certificate into the keystore for JBoss;
      (03) I import the certificate into the keystore for WASP.

      However, this time, JBoss stopped working. I can't access https://localhost:8443/jmx-console/index.jsp any more!

      Can anyone give me a hand? I have been stuck on it for a couple of days!



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          Jon Barnett Master

          On boot, do you get any errors indicating why the listener (connector) failed to load? e.g. Is there a problem with the keystore, etc. You may need to switch to debug on log4j to see the errors. I can't remember exactly what comes up but Jetty does give a fair amount of information when it's listener breaks so I'd imagine Tomcat is the same.