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    Hotkey problem Firefox

    Marc Kuiper Newbie


      I am working on an application which makes heavy use of the richfaces hotkey component. While testing in firefox I discovered that the hotkeys only work when the cursor focus is on an input field.

      Some more background information: each hotkey uses a selector using a class name. They look something like ".pageForm-document-grid" and ".pageForm-document-form", etc. This class name is derived from the component's id, with each ":" character replaced with "-" because colons are special in CSS selectors. These classnames are set on div elements inside each component (in this example a grid and a form component).

      In IE7, this works fine. If the focus is anywhere within the div (on the div itself or any field inside it) the hotkey triggers. In Firefox 3 however, the hotkey only works when the focus is inside input fields.

      I was wondering if someone has encountered this problem before or if it has even been tested this way. I looked in the issue tracker but couldn't find anything about it.

      If necessary, I can provide an example application to demonstrate the issue.