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    Build Petstore with Eclipse

    martin0 Novice

      Has anyone build petstore with eclipse?

      I've got petstore 1.1.2 and JBoss 3.08 as per instructions at http://www.stanford.edu/~mdelgado/jboss/

      It builds successfully and I can run it up, make the database tables (Cloudscape from j2sdkee1.3.1) and then go to the petstore.

      The problem is only the front page seems to work - clicking on any categories brings up no content but the outside frame.

      I don't know where to look to start troubleshooting this.

      I trying to build it with eclipse so I can run debug on it, but I'm not sure how to relate the petstore build.xml features with the xdoclet features - they don't seem to match.

      Can anyone help me either with petstore build to xdoclet mapping, or with troubleshooting the released petstore build?

      Any help much appreciated. (Adrian I am looking at xpetstore also, but am further with this route at present)