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    URLs in Configuration

    furykid Newbie

      I have problems specifying

      jboss.server.lib.url and
      and the same applies to the classpath codebase url specified in several XML files:

      all of these urls are defined as follows:


      where $JBOSS_HOME is either

      file:///opt/jboss/.... ( solaris) or
      file://C:\programme\jboss\3.2.2\... ( windows)

      But: this syntax doesnt work ! although correct (IMHO)

      the windows version cant handle a URL specified that way ! only removing a slash did the job !
      (file:/C:\programme\jboss\3.2.2 does work...)

      this is a problem for our project running on different hosts & OS ! Is there a way to circumvent this behaviour ?