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    JBoss 3.0.8 & Red Hat 9.0

    untzkhan Newbie


      I am fairly new to JBoss and am trying to install it correctly on my Linux distro (Red Hat 9.0)....

      This is what I did, I logged into Red Hat 9.0 as "root" and then downloaded JBoss 3.0.8 zip file into /usr/local/downloads/

      I then extracted the contents by using unzip... It created a JBoss 3.0.8 directory inside /usr/local/downloads/.

      I know that I can move the entire directory using the "mv" command, but wish to know where is the appropriate place to put it?





      Also, I wish to login as the user name "untz", so how would I set up the permissions? Where would I set up the JBOSS_HOME system environmental variable?

      Any help with this and I will be very grateful...



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          Jon Barnett Master

          Usually you would place the distribution in /usr/local or /opt depending on your preference. So it would be /usr/local/jboss3.0.8.

          JBOSS_HOME is not a variable you need to create or use.

          chown -R untz:users /usr/local/jboss3.0.8

          As long as you understand the ownership and security of this configuration.

          You will need JAVA_HOME defined but you can modify this in /usr/local/jboss3.0.8/bin/run.conf or otherwise define it directly in /usr/local/jboss3.0.8/bin/run.sh. Again, it depends on your preference.